Beautiful dresses from musicals

1. The Phantom of the Opera - Think of Me

ereini0n said: Grantaire?
  • Their first name. Édouard. Actually I never even think of his first name because ‘R’ seems to be enough to me. The name ‘Édouard’ is from one of my favorite French writers. Sometimes he reminds me of Grantaire.
  • Their romantic/sexual orientation. Bisexual, maybe.
  • Where they come from. Nice, France 
  • What do they study or what’s their job. Art. Sometimes R would do some paintings for money.
  • Their family. He is the only son of his parents. And maybe his mother died when he was rather young.
  • Their hobby R knows everything about how to have fun. And I think art is not only one of his hobbies, but also something that keeps him alive.
  • The running joke about them among les Amis. 
  • A random fact about them. Before R met any of the Amis, he had a close relationship with Gavroche and Courfeyrac. Maybe he even once shared an apartment with Courf. The three of them really liked playing practical jokes on people, even strangers. And that is how they met Combeferre.
  • Bonus : Any fancast ? Renaud Marx. He is perfect.

The ‘get to know your Ami’ meme



I think I need this now, give me an Ami and I will give you my headcanons for : 

  • Their first name.
  • Their romantic/sexual orientation.
  • Where they come from.
  • What do they study or what’s their job.
  • Their family.
  • Their hobby
  • The running joke about them among les Amis.
  • A random fact about them.
  • Bonus : Any fancast ?

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Fantine by Margaret Bernadine Hall


The original Les Miserables manuscript arrives in Melbourne.


I saw him for a second.


Les Misérables, Tome III: Marius, Livre quatrième: Les amis de l’ABC, Chapitre IV: L’arrière-salle du café Musain

Solo un bacio e tu sarai / sempre mia
che prodigio mai tu sei / vita mia ♫

Romeo & Giulietta; ama e cambia il mondo (the italian musical)


"La Sorciere" and "L’Enfant Trouve" - Canadian Production

Quasimodo: Gino Quilico

Frollo: Robert Marien